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Blackspirit Kennel

Blackspirit Kennel - Blackrussianterrierontario

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Welcome to Blackspirit Kennel!

Our website displays our Black Russian Terriers along with other members in our organization (Black Russian Terrier Ontario).  This website is also a network of support to the BRT community, give upcoming news on litters, get together's and other events that might spike your interest. We offer many different facts and information related to the well being of your BRT. You will also find many great photos and updates about our Black Russian Terriers and our members.

Black Russian Terriers are:

- Hypoallergenic 

​- Easily trainable

- Very intelligent

- Adaptable to your lifestyle

- Non shedding breed

- Odorless

- Great with children and other dogs

- Amazing family pet

Black Russian Terriers are such an amazing, beautiful, strong and loyal breed. They are amazing for just a loving companion, or for show and work purposes.

Our Objective:

Our objective is to conserve and improve the breed's health, temperament, structure, and working abilities. We also just love the fact we can show people our passion and love for our dogs with new uploaded photos on a regular basis, new achievements of our BRT's and creating new get together's for all BRT owners to come to and enjoy a day talking to other owners and seeing all the dogs. As well as commemorating and showing all our wonderful members who have a BRT.

Blackspirit Kennel - Black Russian Terrier Ontario

Grooming and training Black Russian Terriers. Diet of a BRT. Health, JLPP on Black Russian Terrrier, hips and elbow on Black Russian Terrier. HUU on Black Russian Terriers.