Paul Mooney and Donna Stephania

Thursday April 7, 2016 

Hi there. Here is an update for your testimonial section of the BRT of Ontario website: Tasha continues to do very well at 10 weeks .She does her business outdoors and is getting along well with Gracie, our fox terrier. Tasha has been to see our wonderful vet and everyone there loved meeting her. They all knew and loved our Giant Schnauzers and were happy to see us with a big black dog again. This was the first BRT puppy any of them had see. Tasha loves the yard and is learning words quickly. She totally knows her name. What a wonderful dog she is. Thank you for the amazing job you did for her first 9 weeks. Paul and Donna




Claude and Corey

March 19, 2016

We named the puppy Louie. He was calm all the way home sleeping most of the time. After leaving your house, he had one last runny stool and after that the rest have been solid. He is eating well and we were able to find the same brand of food you use after 4 pet stores today. Everyone loves Louie. Everyone comments on his calm and gentle temperament. He is good to go to the bathroom outside too. We are pleasantly surprised that he is so easy going and so happy to have him. We are so happy that we came to meet you guys and pick him up in person. We start puppy classes in 2 weeks but until then continue to take him everywhere to socialize him. He is so perfect!!!                         Claude and Corey

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